The Cardinal Nest Inc.  

  501(c)(3) organization  dedicated to serving the needs of high school students through action and purpose. 

About Us

The Cardinal Nest is a 501(c)(3) mentoring organization dedicated to preparing high school students their futures. Through our mission, purpose and objectives, we impact the lives of many promising students. The Cardinal Nest was officially incorporated on February 17, 2015, although the initial cohort of students was established in September 2014.

Vision Statement

The Cardinal Nest will be the catalyst in the revitalization of the City of East Cleveland through education and community engagement.

Mission Statement

The Cardinal Nest will provide high school students living in or near East Cleveland, Ohio with a sense of pride in their community, hope for their future, and the tools necessary to reach their goals.


 The purpose of The Cardinal Nest is to prepare high school students for their post-graduation endeavors so that they may reach optimum levels of success.


  • To provide a network of mentors primarily to motivate and guide students
  • To raise funds for scholarships and programming geared toward the purpose of the organization.
  • To organize and facilitate workshops, conferences, and college tours for students
  • To provide continuous support to students in order to increase the high school graduation rate and the college retention rate

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